We are fighting Elder Fraud at its root. In order to effectively stop Elder Financial Fraud, a mindset shift must occur. The witnesses of the crimes must be incentivized in order to act.

Bank tellers and cashiers today are afraid to speak up. They are often afraid to stop a potentially suspicious transaction. They do not want to offend anyone. They do not want to get in trouble. They do not want to hold up the line. Essentially, the risk versus the reward is currently not worth it for them. We are changing that. Bank tellers and cashiers that STOP suspicious transactions by informing the victim of a possible scam and by escalating the situation to law enforcement SHALL BE REWARDED. As a token of appreciation, Eligible* Heroes will receive $200 gift cards. They will also be recognized for their important action as heroes who helped save senior citizens from being defrauded of what could potentially be their ENTIRE LIFE SAVINGS! They will be thanked for their good deed and showcased on Social Media. *There is a review process to ensure the incident is authentic.
We are not stopping with witnesses. We are actively changing the mindset of senior citizens. Sign up for a free seminar, join our mailing list, and you could be called. If we call you pretending to be a scammer and you CALL US OUT on it, you could win a gift card!

Do you want to report a HERO or a SCAM? Please contact us today and make a difference.